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The Next Generation Tension Fabric Building

Guard-All Building Solutions specializes in the manufacture of an innovative selection of Next Generation Tension Fabric Buildings. Our tensile membrane structures have been installed across the United States and Canada for use by a range of industries including mining, oil & gas, public works, athletic facilities and aviation.

The company’s broad product line, including the Guardian Series, Centurion Series, Heritage Series, and Guard-All Custom Buildings, allows us to provide our customers with the perfect solution to meet their building requirements.

Tension fabric buildings by definition are constructed using a rigid frame and a durable fabric membrane. Guard-All manufactures buildings utilizing galvanized carbon steel frames with an engineered polyethylene fabric membrane. Tension fabric buildings are commonly referred to as fabric structures, fabric tension buildings, cover-all buildings, fabric buildings, hoop buildings, Quonset structures, sport halls, tents and bubbles. The benefits of tension fabric buildings compared to traditional structures are lower operational costs, energy savings, naturally bright interior, quick installation, ability to re-locate building, flexible foundation design options and corrosion resistance. Unlike conventional or metal clad buildings, tension fabric buildings can be more economically relocated.

A Full Range of Tension Fabric Buildings, From Big to Absolutely Massive

guard-all building solutions profiles

Up To 80 Feet Wide

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series tension fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring large usable envelopes and elevated clearances. A selection of side wall clearances and the continuous segmented truss design gives the building great design flexibility. The galvanized carbon steel frame is available in 18″ and 24″ truss depths to meet a variety of structural requirements.

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Up To 150 Feet Or More

Centurion Series

The Centurion Series tension fabric buildings are optimized for projects requiring very large usable envelopes and elevated clearances at the peak and the sidewall. The continuous segmented truss design allows the building to achieve nearly any length required. The galvanized carbon steel frame is available in 36″ and 48″ truss depths to meet a variety of structural requirements.

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Over 200 Feet Wide

Guardian Series

The Guardian Series is an innovative new tension fabric building design made up of modular components that address roof slope, leg height and building size all in one. The galvanized carbon steel frame is available in 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ truss depths to meet a variety of structural requirements.

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When We Say Absolutely Massive, We Mean ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!


Custom Buildings

Whether it’s an addition, an unusual application or an unconventional building profile; when the pre-engineered options don’t satisfy your building requirements Guard-All Custom Buildings is your one-stop custom tension fabric building turnkey solution. We have the expertise, infrastructure and ingenuity to bring your unique vision to life.

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Up To 400 Feet Or More

Truss Profile Downloadsfabric building truss profiles

Truss profiles for each of our tension fabric buildings are available to download from the Truss Profile Downloads page.

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Partner Companies


PfeiferPFEIFER is an innovative global leader in the manufacture of rope, cable structures and connecting and lifting systems. PFEIFER has been involved with the design and construction of a variety of iconic projects Globally including Green Point Stadium (Cape Town, S Africa), Moses Mahiba Stadium (Durban, S Africa), AWD Arena (Hanover, Germany), Harvard Art Museum (Cambridge, MA), Continental Airlines Terminal (Newark, NJ), Doha City Center (Doha, Qatar), Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, AR) to name just a few of the numerous projects they have worked on internationally.

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pfeifer covertexCovertex is world renowned for designing, engineering, fabricating and installing membrane including PTFE, PVC and ETFE. Examples of unique projects fabricated by Covertex include German-Chinese house in Shanghai, National Stadium (China), Suzhou SIP (China), Guangzhou South Rail Station (China), Canary Wharf, (London, UK), Hong Kong Airport (China), Metro Line 11 (Shanghai, China) to name a few of the many projects completed.

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FabriTec Structures

fabritec structuresFabriTec Structures is a Design Build Tensioned Membrane Structure and Tensile Membrane roofing specialists working with PTFE, PVC and ETFE fabric membranes focusing predominantly in North and South America. FabriTec has been involved with the design and construction of a number of the most innovative and iconic Tensile Structures in North America including the BC Place Stadium roof replacement (Vancouver, BC), ASU Skysong (Mesa, AZ), MGM City Center (Las Vegas, NV) OmniLife Stadium (Guadalajara, MX), and Rosa Parks Transit Center (Detroit, MI).

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